Wow– can’t believe how much I’ve let myself neglect this blog. I’m making another comeback…starting today. :)


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I’ve been lacking posts on here! Also I promised a Google+ review, which is sadly, still not complete. But I haven’t forgotten! I’m just getting settled with a number of things and will be back posting regularly this week. First up will be my Google+ thoughts. In the meantime, however, here are a few posts I’ve done for Daily Waffle:

How To Cleanse Your Digital Footprint

Will Netflix Thrive in Europe?

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Google+ Review: Soon I Promise!

I’m working on a lengthy, fun review of Google+, which unsurprisingly, is taking me a long time to get through. Mostly because I’m distracted by the real world (e.g. Harry Potter, Women’s World Cup, errands and more Harry Potter), but also because I’m giving my review a lot of thought. It will be finished soon! Think you’ll enjoy it. Until then…

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Facebook & Skype

Facebook’s “awesome” event this past week was, I think, the first of many integrations we’ll start to see on world’s largest social network. Having already pioneered so many of social media’s innovations, it appears that it’s time for it to take a tip or two from others.

Hence, Facebook + Skype.

Critics may argue that this announcement was Facebook’s attempt to backfire against Google+. Maybe they’re right but who knows. Maybe not. I think inserting video chat onto the platform was an inevitability. Arguably, it may have even been better to announce it while the topic of video chat was hot, with the introduction of hangouts on Google+. Furthermore, it was better for it to team up with the most popular video chat platform instead of trying to compete against it.

Regardless, the new product is rather “awesome” (for some reason, I feel strange using Zuckerberg’s words). Not groundbreaking in any way, but practical. Setup was easy and it works like a charm. There’s nothing to complain about. It could become useful for business settings, especially when and if (the if really isn’t necessary– it definitely will happen) group chat is added.

So kudos, Facebook. This move was smart. You’ll continue to make smart moves by welcoming third parties onto your platform in the future. It’s a nice change. Plus, by consolidating the number of portals we use, we’ll be more than happy to spend more time on your site, which is what you want anyways.

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Digital Eyestrain.

So much happened this past week in the tech world. Most of it revolves around Google+, but I’m obviously not breaking news on that one. That is perfectly fine by me too. This project is exciting and I cannot wait to see where it goes. I truly belive Google got it right this time.

As exciting as it already is, I’m going to restrain myself a bit here and save a post on Google+ for another time. Simply because it’s still to early to really evaluate it– not to mention I don’t have an account either. Unlike Mark Zuckerberg.

For now, though, I came across this article on Lifehacker, which got me thinking.

Too often, we forget that we spend the majority of our days looking at screens. Especially if we’re technology fanatics. Computer screens, cell phone screens, television screens, and so forth. For the extreme, just add iPad/iPod screens, as well as GPS screens. Forgive me if I forgot anything. My excuse is that it’s nearly midnight as I’m typing now.

As much as we may want to, we don’t always have the option of receiving information or doing various activities these days without staring at a screen of some sort. It’s one of the biggest Catch-22s of the 21st Century. Progress for progress’ sake, it seems, comes at a heavy cost. In this case, it’s our eyesight at stake– one of our most valuable, natural senses we are born with.

I’m curious about this now simply because I wonder if in future generations, will makind evolve as it has done in the past? Will newborns in future centuries be born with better capabilities of dealing with digital screens? Will they need to?

Maybe. You never know. If so, it’d be another implication that technology is winning over our selves, our cultures and our world.

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My New Gig: Daily Waffle

I’ve been lucky enough to become a new technology writer for the Daily Waffle, a blog that covers all sorts of goods from multiple bloggers who are mostly based in the UK. I’m extremely excited about this! :)

Check out my first post on Google+!

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In-Stream Ads On Twitter: Coming Soon!

Remember a little over a year ago, when Twitter made it clear that ads on the site were the dreaded word, inevitable? That they would be incorporated over time?

We all panicked, made some angry tweets, and then realized that for the most part nothing really changed. The #newtwitter arrived, which we all came around to enjoy, and even the ‘Who to Follow’ tab had its perks. It seemed that the only advertisement was that constant, #1 spot on the Top Trends list– otherwise known as the Promoted trend.

–Today’s Promoted trend (6/27) is #GreenCity. Sadly, though, I’m not sure what that’s in reference to.

And so it was. Some users, myself included, welcomed promoted trends and tweets and let them become an integral part of our user experience.

Fast forward to the present– TechCrunch reported a few days ago that more ads, specifically, in-stream ads on Twitter will be implemented…soon. This decision, and this move into a more corporate atmostphere shouldn’t be shocking. Just look at Facebook and its success with ads and applications. TechCrunch’s article highlights that this past year, Facebook expects $3.5 billion in ad revenues. That is absolutely stunning.

In comparison, Twitter expects $100 million. Not too shabby, but clearly, changes are in order. Again, the word inevitable comes to mind– it’s simply just the way the world turns in this century.

But as TechCrunch reporter, Alexia Tsotsis, points out:

So while there should be little doubt that in-stream Twitter advertisements are imminently on the horizon, the question is whether users will take to them, or whether they’ll revolt…Then again, actual user reaction will depend on the execution, look and feel of the final in-stream as product, which we know very little about. If the Promoted Tweets blink and take up your entire screen and look like crap then sure, users will be angry.

This is so true. So long as Twitter implements ads in a non-harrassing way, I have no doubt they’ll be effective. And if I were a betting (wo)man, I’d bet they’ll also be welcomed by users in no time. Just like the new Twitter was.

Can’t say it any better than that. So I won’t even try.

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