Real College Experience?

Disclaimer: I’m assuming that the average college student uses a combination of technologies.

With this in mind, I can probably sum up a variety, or rather, the majority of activities any student engages in. From texting, to Facebook, and even to Netflix, I could conclude that if anyone wanted to know what your experience at Fordham was really like, it would lie in these outlets.

Think about it.

From our phones’ histories, you can see who you’ve been communicating with and where you’ve been hanging out at any time of the day. That doesn’t even include the information collected about us if you use a smartphone, which applies to even more of us.

And Facebook. Just based on the number of times we log onto this site can say a lot about the kind of person we are.  But again, like our phones, Facebook is about who we’re talking to, but also who we’re spending our weekends with, what we’re looking at, what interests we like, and what we feel is appropriate to publicly talk (rant) about.

What about Netflix? It doesn’t capture as much personal information as these other outlets, but it still collects valuable information on what types of films and television shows we enjoy. Because of this, we cannot forget it.

In essence, these media and every other one we use, arguably, tell more about us than we can on our own.


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