The Paradox of Multi-tasking

For essential purposes, or rather, just to prove a point, I’m writing this post from my smartphone– while waiting patiently for my laundry to wash.

This way I’m killing two birds with one stone. Great.

This gets me thinking though. Like most others, I love that I can check all of my social media outlets, get updates on the Knicks, and write reply emails to my boss whenever and wherever. It’s so convenient, I can even get away with it when I’m in class or holding a conversation with another.

Multitasking, it seems, is bliss.

Yet again, however, is it really?

Recently, I was called out by a peer for not listening to them. This was because I was more focused on texting another friend when being spoken to. Afterwards, I realized how insulting my behavior was. Hypocritically, I know I’d be offended if the situation were reversed.

But the thing that amazes me the most is that:

– That’s not the first time I’ve been guilty of such behavior and

– I’ve seen this done by others on a consistent basis for years now

It makes me wonder if everyone, collectively, can learn to be more considerate when it comes to our technologies and interpersonal communication. We’re still human after all.


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