Small Businesses & Social Media

I’ve been wondering lately if small businesses experience significant success via Facebook and other social media.

I’m already convinced that major businesses do. Dunkin’ Donuts, Honda, and anything else you can think of have substantial online presences. They engage with customers and advertise their products in the best ways possible. It’s a win-win for everyone.

But I haven’t determined if this is the case for small businesses too. So after giving this more thought, I recollected my own favorites.

Since high school, I’ve literally spent hours with my friends at a local coffee shop, MochaLisa’s, on a regular basis.

MochaLisa’s is amazing. I’m serious. Any coffee lover will understand. It’s fun, gorgeous, and of course, their coffee and food never let me down. I could go on and on, but I’ll save you the trouble. Regardless, however, here’s their website and Facebook page.

But getting back to the point. Whenever I’m home and see on Facebook that MochaLisa’s is offering a discount, I’m ready to drop everything and get there. At the same time, though, it seems I’m the only one who notices. I don’t often hear others telling the employees at the register that they saw a discount on Facebook.

Maybe it’s because I’m totally addicted to their coffee and keep a close eye on their Facebook updates. But obviously, others do too– I’m only 1 of their approximate 950 fans. Or maybe I’m not there when these other fans go into the shop and receive the online discounts.

Because of this, I can’t make a legitimate evaluation of MochaLisa’s online presence. But this topic is still worth thinking about.

Small businesses have to adapt to our culture’s fascination with technology too. They can’t escape it. Well, actually, nobody can.

So they have to work with social media as well.

Overall, though small businesses may not have a presence that matches large corporations, they can still find a way to be effective on Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare. It arguably just takes a little more effort and creativity into convincing a small-town to jump on board with them.


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  1. I agree…large businesses now have separate teams of employees whose sole job is to update the business Facebook/Twitter/etc accounts. I think that smaller businesses understand how important social media is too, but just don’t have the resources to be making YouTube videos and such. You’re example about MochaLisa’s makes me laugh because I can totally relate. There’s an amazing yogurt place near my house that updates its flavors every day at 10:30 am via their Facebook and if one of my favorites is listed, my friends and I all run over to get some!

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