Chances are the majority of you reading this already know what TFLN stands for.

But if you don’t, it refers to the website Texts From Last Nightwhere the funniest and most outrageous text messages are posted for pure entertainment.

It’s also likely that you enjoy this site as much as I do. It’s hilarious and most can relate to it. Here’s two examples:

(231): Just painted my nails at the bar… I may be getting too comfortable here.

(425): If you can’t find your cat in the morning it’s cause i put him in the laundry basket and then put the laundry basket in the shower.

^(These are actually pretty tame in comparison to the majority of the content TFLN posts.)

For obvious reasons, this site epitomizes how our culture (especially the younger generation) integrates our real life experiences into our technologies. I could spend a whole post focusing on that, but there’s also more to it.

In order for this site to work, it requires its visitors to completely understand, i.e., be able to imagine the scenario a text describes. The reader, in real life, reads a text message (in virtual reality), and re-creates its contents happening in real life.

The reader, via the Internet, reads a message encoded by a cell phone,  and transitions the links between these technologies without thinking about it.

Maybe it’s just me, but this process is kind of crazy. At the same time, however, it’s done quite easily because most of us read this site and get it immediately. We never stop and realize what we’re actually doing when we’re laughing hysterically at the text messages posted.

It’s not a bad thing that we don’t but it’s definitely eye-opening.

It’s another example demonstrating our ability to combine multiple technologies for entertainment and our capability to process these combinations with little skill. And this is, I think, a result of today’s necessity and obsession for technology.


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