Shuffle 2.0

I’ve neglected this for too long but Spring Break and a lot of sunshine will do that to anyone!

But now that the semester is more than half over, I feel it’s necessary to make some sort of assessment…of something.

What’s changed?

Nothing really– I still log onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and everything else a hundred times a day.

I haven’t stopped any applications on my Android from collecting various personal data, despite knowing that that’s probably very stupid.

Also, I still need my iPod touch every day at the gym so my Nike+ app can record my workouts and then magically send them to Nike’s website the next time I charge my iPod. Not to mention my inability to get through any subway ride or walk to campus without listening to Adele’s new album.

And don’t even get me started on my texting habits, or my ability to avoid writing those important but dreadful emails.

Has my perception changed since I started to analyze modern technology’s culture?

Maybe a little. But I’ve always been curious about this stuff. Plus Fordham’s Communications department has made me read and write extensively on it. And as already mentioned, I haven’t exactly altered my own tech habits. They’re probably worse to be honest.

So I guess this brings up the question of whether or not anyone’s insights onto their own and their peers’ habits with digital media is effective enough to legitimately change them.

So far, I’m batting less than zero. Hmm.


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