A Continuation on Catfish

A few weeks ago, a fellow classmate wrote a review of Catfish on her blog–thank you for pointing out this film! Check out this post if you haven’t already.

Not only was Catfish great, but it really hits home for my own blog topic: the Internet and relationships. So I couldn’t resist.

While watching, I think what unsettled me the most was how real the film was. At first glance, that statement probably makes little sense but there’s not much else to say.

A young adult getting emotionally attached to strangers (who are lying and don’t exist) a few states away through the Internet, text messages and phone conversations.

In all honesty, tricking a 24-year old, tech savvy, good guy was simple. He was completely blinded. This, I think, is what’s most surprising. It took him 8 or 9 months before he started to question anything.

So I can only imagine how long it would’ve taken someone who was not savvy enough to dig a little deeper to discover the truth. Creepy.

This film really makes you think about how easy it could happen– how anyone can piece together photos, links, and messages to create any identity they want. Then it’s more eerie to give thought on how easy it is to fool others into thinking you’re someone you’re not and to use that to your advantage. That doesn’t make me feel too good.

Every day, most of us are connecting with dozens of peers in real life and in virtual reality– sometimes simultaneously and often with the same people in both environments. But after seeing this film I now wonder if we’re not being cautious enough, even though we always claim we’re safe and smart with how we deal with our online relationships. We have no problem placing privacy settings on our profiles and only uploading a minumum amount of content and information about ourselves onto the web that we’re comfortable with. Isn’t this supposed to be enough?


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