This commercial is a few months old so I’m sure most of you have seen it already.

Since then, Bank of America keeps coming up with new and progressive forms to digitalize banking. These features will appear in all banks before we know it.

Scanning checks and cash at an ATM? No problem.

Not to mention how convenient it is too. Deposit a check in this manner by 8pm on a business day and you receive the credit that same day.

It’s so crazy. The way in which we’re now handling our money is, ironically, simpler. These features certainly diminish the hassles we face when it comes to simple banking tasks, but arguably, it also encourages carelessness. Am I the only one who sees it that way? Scary.

It’s amazing how much our economic structure has responded to our society’s increasing demand for immediacy. It makes it clear that the more digital media expands and innovates, the more we’ll see all forms of our lives, including the aspects we place the most security on, become simpler for simpler’s sake.


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