Videos Gone Viral.

During the course of the last month, my roomates and I allowed a friend and fellow student at Fordham, Brendan Banks, to shoot a webseries in our apartment. It was pretty exciting. Banks and his crew took over our place on separate weekends and turned our living room into a set. The series, “Apartment 17b,” is a comedic act focusing on three college roomates. Here’s a behind the scenes photo I snapped on the last day of filming:

The series will be uploaded in early May so I’ll be sure to bring this up again. But until then, I’d recommend checking out some of Banks’ other work. Here’s his site.

Seeing a small production come to life got me thinking about the Internet and videos. And once I saw this article from the New York Times, I had to share it.

It dissects the relevance of productions created for the web, as well as how they are produced and managed in professional manners even though they are not intended for mainstream Hollywood.

You can’t argue that viral videos and Internet sensations don’t have any impact. Think ‘Friday.’ Well, actually, don’t.

The point is, we’re always looking for something to entertain us, and as the Internet has proven through YouTube, CollegeHumor, and Vimeo, there’s an audience for everything. And it’s this consistent audience that can create success for anyone who’s willing to put in an effort.


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