Auto Correct? More like Auto Humiliate

by Mike DiChiara

Technology can be considered one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. It has helped save lives, it has made communication much simpler, and it has helped us in our professions and daily lives. However, technology doesn’t always assist its creator. Sometimes, it can just be downright cruel. I’m not talking about the machines rising up to finally rule over the lowly humans (yet), rather, I’m talking about technology making us look like complete and total buffoons. Case in point:  a website known as F You, Auto Correct . The website showcases some of the funniest examples of iPhones autocorrecting text messages in order to make the senders sound like morons. For example, one poor victim attempted to say “April showers bring May flowers,” but instead said “April showers bring May flatulence,” thus making him appear to be an idiot with absolutely no concept of how nature works.   While auto correct takes the most joy in making people look stupid, it also revels in its ability to scare the hell out of people. For example, a father attempted to text his child “Your mom and I are going to Disney next month!” But, thanks to that dastardly auto correct, the child received “Your mom and I are going to divorce next month!” which undoubtedly gave the child quite a scare.

Given these examples, it’s pretty obvious that iPhones really have it out for us with this auto correct feature.  Why, if one were to personify this feature, the result would probably be a schoolyard bully who pours apple juice down some kid’s pants and then tells everyone he had an accident. Or perhaps one could relate it to a creature that silently waits in the darkness for its moment to strike, kind of like that freaky wolf-looking thing from The Neverending Story. Fortunately, I have never experienced this evil being known as auto correct, as Android phones have much less embarrassing auto correct features, so I guess mine could be compared to a mogwai from Gremlins, in that it is rather peaceful, but definitely has the capacity to become an evil little creature.

Check out some more auto correct horror stories at

Warning: Some content is rather vulgar


More of Mike’s writing can be found at his blog, For Reels, where he provides the latest news on movies, actors, and directors, as well as reviews of current films.


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