Digital Waste.

In honor or Earth Day, this seemed fitting.

As we all know, mankind’s lifestyle has affected the planet. That’s why ‘going green’ and the whole notion of reducing our impact on Earth is taken so seriously.

But it’s easy to forget that waste reduction goes beyond recycling, hybrids, quitting smoking, etc. Our technology habits, too, are a part of the problem.

I thought this report was really interesting– a study, “How Dirty is Your Data?,” reported by Greenpeace, found that several major IT companies  use a substantial amount of “dirty energy” — “power produced from hydrocarbon based sources, especially coal — to meet growing IT demand.”

Most notably, the study found that Facebook “is among the most dependent on coal-powered electricity at 53.2 percent.”

That’s only Zuckerberg’s headquarters in California.

I wonder what the amount of this “dirty energy” use would add up to if the whole nation’s data was counted. Personal computers, businesses, everything. It’s definitely some food for thought.

It’s also convincing me to shut off the computer I’m typing this post on and go outside while there’s still daylight. Happy Earth Day!


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