Royal Frenzy.

Whether you want to admit to admit or not, you  heard about  the Royal Wedding this past weekend.

Or you might have watched the entire ceremony in the middle of the night. No judgement here. I didn’t  stay up to see Kate Middleton’s dress, but I totally watched all of the recap stuff I could find the next morning.

Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge wave from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Royal Wedding

How lovely.

Really though, I was also curious about how much attention this wedding received. Whether to poke fun at the whole thing or to gush over Prince William, everyone was talking about it. 

Hence, the media had a field day over it (for weeks). Entertainment stations on television held marathon-like coverages throughout the day, nit picking every detail. All in all, it was difficult on Friday not to hear anything about it.

More than anything, though, the ability to watch the ceremony live on YouTube made me stop and think for a moment. I didn’t do this, but YouTube expected 2 billion other individuals to. So they advertised it, knowing they’d receive a large audience. Clever.

I found this to be really telling, in regards to the world’s ability to connect, across nations and seas as a result of modern technology.

Days before, I noted a few tweets that accentuated just how obsessed the world was with this ceremony, and how the world was going to accomodate everyone who wanted to see it. Not to mention the hilarious things everyone was commenting about William and Kate (everyone was very proud to be British and it was no coincidence that Kate married William in an Alexader McQueen gown).

And then I saw this report from Mashable. It offers some staggerting statistics in regards to the mentions around the world the wedding received on different social media:

^Keep in mind these stats were only from 6am. When only the diehard Will and Kate shippers in America were awake. Crazy.

Without a doubt, our culture never fails to highlight our obsessions and reactions to the world and everything that happens on it. But I think the best part is that because of digital and social media, we have the ability to look back and reflect on our sociey’s trends and habits when big events occur. It’s history in the making.


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