Hello there! I’m back, and I’m back with a vengeance!

If you scroll down, you’ll see that my last post was a month ago. In person, I would respond to that by saying WOOF enthusiastically. Especially considering my promise to myself that I would contine to blog after finishing classes this past semester. But as is expected, life and its distractions got in the way.

I finished my final semester at Fordham, had an  incredible Senior Week with my closest friends and graduated on May 21st. It was a beautiful day, ceremony, and time for me, my family, and fellow graduates. Here are some of my highlights from Fordham’s Commencement:

Then, between moving out of my apartment, organizing and traveling to Florida for my brother’s graduation, I still couldn’t get back to techculturenow. The upside of that was I got to spend a lot of time at Disney World. Here’s my favorite shot from my vacation:

^Growing up, I was obsessed with Huey, Dewey, and Louie (especially Dewey!) and Ducktales in general. So, naturally, finding these guys in Animal Kingdom was kinda a big deal.


 Since I’ve started techculturenow, I’ve refrained (for the most part) from turning my posts into recaps from my personal life. But I couldn’t resist today. I’ve experienced too much euphoria and accomplishment these past few weeks not to share a little.

It all leads up to my next chapter: life beyond Fordham.

And though I haven’t found what exactly I want to do tomorrow, 6 months from now or even 5 years down the line, one thing steady is my passion for technology and to think about it in relation to our culture. By reading my other posts, you can see how I feel this is overlooked too often. My purpose now is to continue this exploration but to go even further. This blog will no longer be an obligation of mine in order to pass a Writing For Online Media class, but an obligation of mine to put myself out there and let it take me somewhere new.

So please, if you will, give me a shot. I hope we all learn a thing or two along the way.


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