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A Late Follow Up on Apple’s WWDC.

Since my hiatus, there’s been a lot happening in the tech world, meaning, Apple did something noteworthy. This something was the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) a few weeks ago where the world was introduced to the iCloud, iOS 5, Lion and so forth.

I’m obviously late on this one, but it’s a topic I love too much not to cover.

For me, it’s amusing that the revelation of these new services and software can, literally, cause shifts on the interwebs. The blogosphere explodes and everyone’s expressions while catching up on the news typically consists of dropped jaws and eyes on fire with excitement.

Steve Jobs at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference

Or maybe that’s just me. I dunno. I don’t even own a Macbook, iPhone or iPad.

The point is, well, Apple always receives this kind of reaction from consumers, bloggers and critics.  Its up and coming products cause pandemonium in ways that no other services or providers do, which I’ve discussed before.

The difference this time, which has inspired me to write this is that the services revealed at WWDC aren’t new, handheld toys for Apple fanboys/girls. They’re software, which will make Apple’s toys better, but like I said, they’re software. 15 years ago, the only people who would rejoice over new software would have been a handful of employees working for Linux.

In short, we have come a long, long way.

At the same time though, I’m convinced from these revelations that 21st century media consumers are more excited about the anticipation of things to come rather than the things themselves. Are Apple consumers really going to rave about the iOS 5 software 2, 3 or 6 months from now? I doubt it. Also, we didn’t have midnight releases for summer blockbusters in the 90’s.

In essence, there will always be something else to blow up Twitter about.

Maybe I’m wrong, but sometimes this is undoubtedly true– the part about our tendency to overhype new things. Just recall the time when everyone thought that Windows Vista was going to be awesome. Or when everyone thought Stephenie Meyer was a great writer.

Yeah, I try not to either.


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Apple’s Empire

Everyone’s talking about the iPad 2.

The ultimate, ground-breaking, updated version of Apple’s tablet.

Last week, Steve Jobs revealed the iPad 2, setting all media platforms into a frenzy.

I could describe the specialties of the new iPad– how it’s better, what’s new and so forth, but I won’t. Not only would I not know what I’m talking about (I don’t own one), but also I think the overall reaction to new Apple products is more fascinating. 

Every time Jobs does a demonstration, the rest of the world literally drools.

I’m not here to criticize this. I was first guilty when he revealed the original iPhone in 2007. It was a huge deal even though I knew I wasn’t going to get one (And I still haven’t. I jumped on the Android bandwagon last year). Regardless, however, I remember talking about how amazing it was– the ability to use a phone, browse the web, and listen to music on the same device. That seems forever ago.

Then there was the iTouch, the new iPhone, the newer iPhone, a couple updated versions of iPods, iTouches and Macs, the AppleTV, the first iPad, the latest version of the iPhone, the merging of the iPhone with Verizon Wireless and finally the iPad 2 (I probably forgot a few things but hopefully you caught the gist).

If you use any social media, chances are you saw at least one person make a comment about the new iPad this week, if not multiple. When thinking of this, I always find it interesting how the world gets so excited over Apple products. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a huge deal to be one of the media represenatives present when Jobs gives a demonstration or to attend Apple’s annual MacWorld Convention. That’s not to mention the “paparazzi,” i.e., the abundance of additional media outlets and Apple fanatics who will party outside of Apple’s headquarters during one of Jobs’ presentations.

Last year, when the original iPad was revealed, like the total nerd that I am, I followed Twitter updates from a tech site’s reporter who was there. This reporter commented on the atmosphere of the room prior to Jobs’ entrance, the roaring applause he received, and gave the nitty gritty details of everything he said. In hindsight, it was probably a waste of time, but I was completely fascinated.

This type of response, which Apple always receives gives it that much more power.  It appears that everytime something new is released, the response is bigger than the last one. 

Apple thrives on  its undeniable “cool” factor– its ability to make Macs look so much more fun and better because Justin Long is its mascot and that Windows guy just doesn’t come close in attractive qualities.

I really thought I understood that everyone loves digital media and that everyone loves Apple.

But it wasn’t until I saw these tweets from Harry Potter actor Tom Felton that I knew our culture had gone above and beyond a simple obsession– it’s much, much more than that.

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