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Google+ Review: Soon I Promise!

I’m working on a lengthy, fun review of Google+, which unsurprisingly, is taking me a long time to get through. Mostly because I’m distracted by the real world (e.g. Harry Potter, Women’s World Cup, errands and more Harry Potter), but also because I’m giving my review a lot of thought. It will be finished soon! Think you’ll enjoy it. Until then…


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Facebook & Skype

Facebook’s “awesome” event this past week was, I think, the first of many integrations we’ll start to see on world’s largest social network. Having already pioneered so many of social media’s innovations, it appears that it’s time for it to take a tip or two from others.

Hence, Facebook + Skype.

Critics may argue that this announcement was Facebook’s attempt to backfire against Google+. Maybe they’re right but who knows. Maybe not. I think inserting video chat onto the platform was an inevitability. Arguably, it may have even been better to announce it while the topic of video chat was hot, with the introduction of hangouts on Google+. Furthermore, it was better for it to team up with the most popular video chat platform instead of trying to compete against it.

Regardless, the new product is rather “awesome” (for some reason, I feel strange using Zuckerberg’s words). Not groundbreaking in any way, but practical. Setup was easy and it works like a charm. There’s nothing to complain about. It could become useful for business settings, especially when and if (the if really isn’t necessary– it definitely will happen) group chat is added.

So kudos, Facebook. This move was smart. You’ll continue to make smart moves by welcoming third parties onto your platform in the future. It’s a nice change. Plus, by consolidating the number of portals we use, we’ll be more than happy to spend more time on your site, which is what you want anyways.

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Superbowl Recap

On the advertisements, obviously!

I’m just going to throw this out there: I was definitely disappointed by this year’s Superbowl ad campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a few that I thought were alright, but nothing blew me away (though the Gleek in me loved the Glee Cast’ Chevrolet commercial, which aired during this show’s episode after the game. That, however, does not count).

Anyone remember last year’s Google commercial? Take a look if you haven’t. I love this.

^ I was really hoping for a follow up or something similar to this, so I could’ve made this post more relevant to this blog’s topic.

But there’s always next year– Go Giants.

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