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Pottermore: A New Era of Literature

Harry Potter was the original online fandom. You can thank it for midnight releases and the terms “fanboy” and “fangirl” and most importantly, “shipping.”

All of which are now vital to all fandoms in any industry. Books, movies, television and so forth. If you don’t believe me, go onto Tumblr and search for the amount of blogs dedicated to shippers of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron’s characters on ‘Glee.’ You will be stunned by how much Gleeks want this pair, known by “Achele” or “Faberry,” to get together.

Back to Harry, though.

Yesterday, author JK Rowling released a huge announcement regarding the Harry Potter series on YouTube. What she revealed was Pottermore: a new, inventive, up and coming project where you can read her international bestsellers online. Here’s the video. I highly recommend you watch it:

So aside from the leaked material about Pottermore and other mishaps that occurred with yesterday’s announcement, what exactly does this mean?

Pottermore is what I like to think of as a new era of literature. A pave way for digital media and fiction to come together in the best way possible. And it’s only fitting that this fandom (the original one I’d like to emphasize again!) is the first to pioneer this new direction.

As Rowling describes, PotterMore is “an online reading experience unlike any other…the same story, with a few crucial additions, the most important one, is you…Pottermore will be the place where fans of any age can participate in, and rediscover the stories.”

The rediscovering part is where Rowling plays a major role. It is reported that she has nearly 18,000 words and other, new material that all Harry Potter fans can find on Pottermore.

So it’s part book, part new material, part encyclopedia, part interaction. Almost like a real-time video game– for book nerds like me. As a fanatic of the series, this is very, very exciting. I’ll spare you my gushing, however, and leave it at that.

This revelation also proves that once again, digital media is winning. It’s persuading all forms of traditional media to embrace all that is possible on the Internet. And since so much of the Potter series’ success is due to its online fandom, it’s pretty darn cool that this project is coming to life. For those that participated in it when Rowling was still writing, and for those who will fall in love with Harry’s story in years to come.



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