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Digital Eyestrain.

So much happened this past week in the tech world. Most of it revolves around Google+, but I’m obviously not breaking news on that one. That is perfectly fine by me too. This project is exciting and I cannot wait to see where it goes. I truly belive Google got it right this time.

As exciting as it already is, I’m going to restrain myself a bit here and save a post on Google+ for another time. Simply because it’s still to early to really evaluate it– not to mention I don’t have an account either. Unlike Mark Zuckerberg.

For now, though, I came across this article on Lifehacker, which got me thinking.

Too often, we forget that we spend the majority of our days looking at screens. Especially if we’re technology fanatics. Computer screens, cell phone screens, television screens, and so forth. For the extreme, just add iPad/iPod screens, as well as GPS screens. Forgive me if I forgot anything. My excuse is that it’s nearly midnight as I’m typing now.

As much as we may want to, we don’t always have the option of receiving information or doing various activities these days without staring at a screen of some sort. It’s one of the biggest Catch-22s of the 21st Century. Progress for progress’ sake, it seems, comes at a heavy cost. In this case, it’s our eyesight at stake– one of our most valuable, natural senses we are born with.

I’m curious about this now simply because I wonder if in future generations, will makind evolve as it has done in the past? Will newborns in future centuries be born with better capabilities of dealing with digital screens? Will they need to?

Maybe. You never know. If so, it’d be another implication that technology is winning over our selves, our cultures and our world.


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More iPad 2

Just because I’m obsessed and Apple’s commercials never fail to make me hold my breath. Dramatic, I know. 

Admittedly, I really just needed an excuse to procrastinate my analysis of William Shakespeare’s plays for my last exam tomorrow.

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Trouble Parking? No Problem.

Yes, there’s now an app to find open parking spots in San Francisco. Check out the New York Times’ report on the new iPhone app, SFpark.

Time saving? Definitely. Promoting laziness? Possibly. Another hazard for drivers? Without a doubt.

But I totally love it. And I don’t even own a car. I hope this app expands to New York pronto. What’s interesting is that this application was developed and introduced by city officials. Talk about giving the government something to do.

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History in the Making.

If my last post was any indication– the capabilities and culture of online and digital media are incredible.

We were all on Facebook at some point last night. And we saw each other’s reactions to the breaking news of Osama Bin Laden’s death. They were good, inappropriate, and most frequently (in my case), hilarious.

As for those who, like me, live off campus at Fordham, you probably heard fellow students setting off fireworks and chants of ‘America’ and ‘USA’ down Hughes Avenue.  And I bet you heard or read somewhere on Facebook about Fordham’s rally to be held on Eddies 20 minutes after President Obama’s speech.

I don’t have to emphasize how significant this was. 

All I can add is that it all simply sums up everything about my blog. The world lives by and through its technologies. We connect to digital outlets almost constantly, in various ways, and often, continue to talk and think about them when we’re not connected.

It’s really something else.

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A Modern/Retro Proposal.

The art of proposing has reached a new level. Forget asking your soulmate to marry you in a crowded stadium. That’s so 2010. Just decorate a room Super Mario style and hide the ring in a coin box hanging from the ceiling.

They’re living one of life’s greatest moments via technology. It’s touching, crazy, and most importantly, real.

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Digital Waste.

In honor or Earth Day, this seemed fitting.

As we all know, mankind’s lifestyle has affected the planet. That’s why ‘going green’ and the whole notion of reducing our impact on Earth is taken so seriously.

But it’s easy to forget that waste reduction goes beyond recycling, hybrids, quitting smoking, etc. Our technology habits, too, are a part of the problem.

I thought this report was really interesting– a study, “How Dirty is Your Data?,” reported by Greenpeace, found that several major IT companies  use a substantial amount of “dirty energy” — “power produced from hydrocarbon based sources, especially coal — to meet growing IT demand.”

Most notably, the study found that Facebook “is among the most dependent on coal-powered electricity at 53.2 percent.”

That’s only Zuckerberg’s headquarters in California.

I wonder what the amount of this “dirty energy” use would add up to if the whole nation’s data was counted. Personal computers, businesses, everything. It’s definitely some food for thought.

It’s also convincing me to shut off the computer I’m typing this post on and go outside while there’s still daylight. Happy Earth Day!

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A Simple Guide to Twitter.

Brilliant. This is so true.

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